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Stephanie Oppenheim

Great blog! We also have just posted our Best Toys for Kids with ADHD as well as our Special Needs Adaptable Products (SNAP) Awards. Since 1989 we have giving awards to products that can be easily used or adapted for kids with special needs. We were so shocked to discover that toys marketed to special needs kids were double or triple the price--for the same toy!

A Barr

I have sold new and used toys to special needs children for over 20 years and I have found that many of the traditional toys from the 80's and 90's are the best for this market. Traditional toys such as balls, puzzles, tea sets, and dress up toys can be toys that facilitate interaction between two people, thus building social skills. Sensory toys are also in high demand by therapists and educators who work with special needs kids. www.therapeutictoys.com

Sherman Unkefer

So its supposed to be...over the top? I know I am only a guide and he will grow into his own person... my responsibility to try my best to teach him what is...

educational toys for kids

I'm glad they are deciding to do this for special needs children! Thanks for posting about this.

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